Modemuseum Hasselt x Robbie Barrat, Neural Network Balenciaga

Parallel Program

Robbie Barrat, Neural Network Balenciaga

Can you make fashion with artificial intelligence without human intervention? Artist Robbie Barrat, barely 20, is researching it with his artwork ‘Neural Network Balenciaga’. In it he unleashes artificial intelligence on recent catwalk shows, catalogs and campaigns of the iconic fashion house Balenciaga. The result? A series of new silhouettes. Did Barrat discover the next phase of fast fashion? Can a designer make a totally new outfit with a simple push of a button? Can we learn to design robots? And … what role does the designer play? These questions provide good but unexpected results. Rate it yourself!

Gasthuisstraat 11, Hasselt

Open from Tuesday until Sunday form 10am – 5pm