F.O.M.A. Genk by Luc Theuwis

Parallel Program

54 solo exhibitions and 1 group show

For SCREEN IT, Luc Theuwis and Lieve Hardy literally scanned their private collection and brought them together on a video. In addition to a group show, every day one work is central. In 54 days, you get 54 artists, 54 artworks and therefore 54 solo exhibitions. Follow their website for more information about the screenings, concerts and performances during the festival.

Philip Aguirre Y Otegui, Pierre Alechinsky , Manu Baeyens, Jean Bilquin, Ulrike Bolenz, Sara Bomans, Kasper Bosmans, Bruneau, Jan Carlier, Reg Carremans, Dirk Claesen, Stijn Cole, Caroline Coolen, Beniti Cornelis, Geert De Smet, Peter De Cupere, Jacqueline Devreux, Hugo Duchateau, Nick Ervinck, Daan Gielis, Willo Gonnissen, Luc Hoekx, Jos Jacobs, Peter Jacquemyn, Jimmy Kets, Jupp Linssen, Agnes Maes, Georges Meurant, Tjen Meylemans, Wlad Moszowski, Hilde Overbergh, Stefan Peters, Karl Philips, LMG Ploem, Ivan Popovic, Reniere & Depla, Ick Reuvis, Liesje Reyskens, Josep Riera I Aragó, Remco Roes, Marie Rosen, Léopoldine Roux, Malou Swinnen, Mulugeta Tafesse, R.V.Bulck, John Van Oers, Koen Van den Broek, Luk Van Soom, Bart Vandevijvere, Koen Vanmechelen, Yves Velter, Liliane Vertessen, Dirk Wauters, Ted Hyunhak Yoon. 

F.O.M.A. by Luc Theuwis (aka ARTandADVICE)

Breed, Vennestraat 199, 3600 Genk

Open from Saturday 5/10 until Sunday 5/01 2020

Thursdays and Sundays open from 2pm until 6pm