AZ-night: The hybrid practice

22.10.2019 / De Nieuwe Zaal Hasselt

AZ-night: The hybrid practice – experience of the real in the fake and the fake in the real

De Nieuwe Zaal, Maastrichterstraat 96, 3500 Hasselt

 pre sale: €9 / at event: €12

Z33 is organizing an AZ lecture on hybrid practices: between craft and digital on October 22. In times where reality and virtuality are always placed opposite each other, jewelery designer Patricia Domingues wonders what the value of the real landscape can still be as an object of contemplation. Living in a world with an abundance of digital images, the need for tangible and real materials arises again. But how do contemporary artists deal with that gap between the need to understand “the real” and the desire to reconstruct “the image”? What role does the idea of ​​tangibility play today? And is this search for the truth and the real still relevant? During the event, Patricia Domingues shares with the audience a collection of some of her favorite objects. The public is invited to touch them and to circulate between the public.