James Alec Hardy

Exhibition Genk

James Alec Hardy (b. 1979, Colchester, UK) Camberwell College of Art, London 2002.
He is represented in London and Berlin by Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

The essence of James Alec Hardy’s work is a continually feeding-back process focused on the impact of technologies on our experience of contemporary life. Since 2002, he has focused on analogue video systems, manifesting ideas through performance, audio, sculpture, installation and print; culminating in multi-screen totemic video monoliths, shamanic residencies in fields, site-specific installations at international Biennales, to 3 day-long live feedback performances at major cultural institutions.Using obsolete devices from a former analogue age he exhausts the potential of devices replaced by modern counterparts. Being a critic of Transhumanism and attempting to point out the risks and flaws of a “brighter” more digitally-networked future, he paradoxically gathers the remnants of screen-based media and production equipment to subvert a direction towards a more meaningful and spiritually awakened state.From 2003-2012 he was fully engaged with performing within London’s D.I.Y. outsider/alternative music and promotion scene, collaborating with and curating regular events such as Jlesh Munce and Flesh Dunce, whilst performing as James III where he developed his route to Video-based feedback audio performances which he has focused on since.

Website: www.jamesalechardy.com
Instagram: @jamesalechardy