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Stadstriennale Hasselt Genk 5

More than ever we are connected to screens. Whether it is the small screen of our smartphone, the tablet that is lying around, the info screens in offices or public places or the TV that became smart itself over the years…screens are everywhere. Research shows that 38 percent of the time we are awake we are connected with a screen. Without doubt this screen-culture has a gigantic influence on our daily life. But which impact does it have on the creation process of artists ? Do they use the internet, TV, data, or our personal glorification as inspiration in a positive, negative or neutral sense ? The SCREEN IT festival investigates the impact of the omni presence of screens on the arts. Focussing on how the artistic practice, the viewpoint of the spectator or position of the intermediary changed.

SCREEN IT is the 5th edition of Stadstriennale Hasselt-Genk and will run from 5 October 2019 until 5 Januari 2020. Two main exhibitions in Hasselt and Genk, will be flanked with 10 parallel events in institutions as UHasselt, CIAP, FLACC, Z33, KRIEG, PXL, LUCA and others.



The main exhibition SCREEN IT takes place on the Corda Campus, currently one of the fast growing tech incubators in Europe. But also the former basecamp of Philips where technologic innovations as audio and videocassettes or Laservision were invented that help spreading the western visual culture over the world. The dominance of this culture, linked to the omnipresence of screens is the starting point of the exhibition. Artist as Nam June Paik or Wolf Vostell already tackled the possibilities of screens in art and culture in the ’60. Paik’s famous quote “Television tortured the intellectuals for a long time… it is about time that the intellectuals torture television” clearly presents this generation ambiguous positions towards screens. This approach can easily be transferred towards our current society filled with buzz words as big data, social media, VR or augmented reality. The exhibition thus will tackle the current status of the arts towards the cultural impact of the screen fueled culture we live in.

Sometimes as a source of inspiration, as a canvas or as starting point for debate, the current and future generation of artists is touching the limits of technology or the impact on contemporary art esthetics, news gathering, politics, social commitment and more. The generation of digital natives, born with their fingers clued on a screen, is investigating a world with or without screens, questioning virtual worlds and augmented realities in an intriguing way.

Selection of participating artist:

Aram Bartholt (DE), Cory Arcangel (US), Jonas Lund (SW), Nam June Paik (KO), Hito Steyerl (DE), Constant Dullaart (NL), Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion (FR), Bill Viola (US), Tom Galle (BE), Olga Fedorova (RU), Dries de Poorter (BE), Carla Gannis (US), Wolf Vostell (DE), Jeroen van Loon (NL), Tabor Robak (US), Arvida Byström (SW), Rafaël Rozendaal (NL), Molly Soda (US), Karl Phillips (BE), Rodney Graham (CA), Tabita Rezaire (FR), Mounir Fatmi (MO), Tony Oursler (US), Mario Klingeleman (DE), Arvida Bystrom (SW), Cyanne van Houten (NL), Bart Stolle (BE), Anahita Razmi (IR), David Horvitz (US), Jan Robert Leegte (NL), Marina Gadoneix (FR), Derrick Adams (US), Anna Ridler (UK), Stefan Peters (BE), Simon Denny (US), and many others....


The compressor site of C-Mine Genk is an architectural gem. A megastructure in which energy was produced for the former cool mines. Since 7 years this buildings hosts several cultural houses linking the former energy towards innovations and arts. With a surface of 800m2 and a hight of 20 meters this venue breaths at the same times energy and peace. Program will be announced soon.

In 1964 media philosopher Marshall McLuhan foresaw that communication technology would have a great influence on mankind and society. Video art or internet art, they all take over elements of these technologies and, sometimes facetiously, expose them. With VR, games, bitcoins or AI… our screens dominate the debate and the news. This expo gives you an insight in how artists handle these changes. Sometimes as a source of inspiration, sometimes critically but just as often provocatively.


Pieter Jan Valgaeren is a curator, researcher and lecturer. From his background in art history and law he specialized in new media, hybrid art forms, technology and intellectual property. He published on different topics such as IP rights in the digital age, social media, media philosophy and art in the public domain. In the past years he worked as a consultant for the EU in Art and Technology and for the Flemish ministry of Culture. As a lecturer he teached at Universities in Berlin, Valetta, Tilburg and Madrid and Thomas More Mechelen. Since 2014, he is the artistic director of Stadstriennale Hasselt-Genk, for which he is currently preparing SCREEN IT, a festival focussing on impact of our current screen-culture on the arts.